Will my listeners be difficult to use?
With practice, you should get used to putting the OWLs in, taking them out, changing batteries and cleaning them. Sometimes a friend or a family member can assist you with it, if needed. Watch our videos, it will help you understand how to use your OWLs.
What do I do first after opening the package?
1) First thing you want to do is take out the domes that are provided with the device, and place the middle size onto the clear tubing that is attached to the device (the device is the part that has the words “OWL” written on it) 2) After the dome it is securely placed on the tubing, place the device behind your ear so that the tubing is lined up with your ear canal (refer to the instructional video) and insert it into your canal. If it feels comfortable, then you have found the correct size dome. If it is too loose, take it out of your ear and try the next size up of the dome. 3) Once you have found the correct dome size, insert a battery into your device and close the door of the device 4) Place the device back into your ear canal 5) You should now hear the device working
What type of battery do the OWLs use and how often should I change the battery?
1) Battery size is 312, it can be purchased in any pharmacy or on the internet 2) Change the battery once a week
What does the button do on the back of the device?
1) The button can be used to adjust the volume 2) It is like a “toggle switch”, press at the top to make things louder or at the bottom to make things softer
Why do I hear the whistle when I put the OWLs in my ears?
The whistling sound that you hear is called “feedback”. Feedback is most often the result of either covering the microphone with your hand (for example, when you touch the device while it’s in your ear) or turning the volume too high up. Feedback might also occur if the OWL is not inserted properly in your ear canal. Make sure that it fits tightly in your ear. Once the device is properly inserted in the ear canal the feedback will stop. Don’t forget to refer to our videos on how to insert the OWL.
Do I really need to get the OWLs for both ears?
If you are experiencing reduced hearing in both ears, then there are many advantages to use 2 devices: better sound comfort Better clarity Balanced hearing Better speech recognition
Why does my voice sound different?
Your voice might sound loud to you at first. With your hearing loss you haven’t been able to hear your own voice for a while. Your brain should get used to hearing your own voice within a week or two.
What do I do when I take the OWLs out of the ear?
1) Take a regular dry tissue and wipe off the device and the tubing part that went into the ear 2) Open the battery door and place the device in the hard case provided with your purchase
Can the device be worn at all times?
1) You can use the device when you need it to help you hear better 2) Remember to take it out when you get into the shower and when you go to bed
Can I let someone else try my OWLs?
Although anyone can try our Occasional Wearable Listeners, we do recommend using a different dome for hygienic purposes (You can use the extra domes provided with your purchase or order more domes from our website)