10 Facts about hearing loss and hearing?

Oct 09 , 2019

10 Facts about hearing loss and hearing?

Hearing Loss is among the most frequent and common disabilities in many countries, especially in the US. You will be amazed to know that this problem is not only limited to seniors, but young adults and even children can be affected by it on a large scale. It is an alarming situation which can eventually grow in the future because of various reasons. Hearing loss can  occur anytime at any age. It can be sudden or gradual and it can affect one or both ears. When the danger of hearing loss is prevailing so much in population, it is important to recognize the causes and facts to lower this risk. Hearing loss can bring devastating impacts on the individual, their family members as well as on overall society. In this article, we would like to describe the must-know hearing loss facts so that you can develop a complete understanding of it.


Important Hearing Loss Facts 

  • Hearing loss can be mild, moderate, severe or profound while sometimes permanent and sometimes temporary. In one or both ears, it prevails progressively or instantly, which depends on the cause.
  • A vast number of population in the US and throughout the world is affected by the hearing loss problem. According to the latest research, almost 446 Million people in the world have permanent hearing loss, where 34 Million are children. It is also said that by 2050, 90 million people will be affected, which is a great threat.
  • US is among the top countries in the world with the occurrence of hearing loss due to multiple reasons. 15% of the whole US population is reported to have hearing loss and this number is gradually increasing. The impacts of hearing loss  on society and individuals is severe, therefore many companies try to bring  awareness to this issue.
  • Noise is one of the most prominent and leading causes which leads to the hearing disability or deafness. Approximately 37% of hearing problems is due to noise exposure. The excessively loud sounds especially the traffic and machinery sounds in the factories generate damaging effects to hearing nerves,  promoting the hearing loss. Personal audio devices music exposure and intense sounds also influence the sense of hearing.
  • Hearing loss can be hereditary, which means that it usually is present at birth. The infection like maternal rubella, asphyxia, use of inappropriate medicines during pregnancy can negatively affect hearing of a child which can result hearing disorder.
  • Hearing Loss can arise from acquired causes. Various elements such as chronic infections, head trauma, history of ear infections, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and rheumatoid arthritis can cause hearing loss.


Hearing Loss Identification 

A hearing evaluation is the first step in identifying the level of the impairment and determining its impact.  My OWL hearing amplifiers can be the first step in improving your hearing for occasional listening situations that cause difficulties.  You can identify your hearing loss and understand why various environments can present as more challenging than others. 


Hearing Loss Prevention  

According to the latest research, almost half of the hearing disorder cases can be prevented. The following steps are worth taking to prevent hearing loss!

  • Do not use q-tips
  • Reduce the noise pollution, exposures and harmful sounds
  • Give your ears a break after long noise exposure


The use of OWLs hearing devices can be the first step in addressing hearing difficulties early on for those specific situations where difficulties in hearing may arise.

Hearing loss is not something to be ignored. It has a great health as well as social impact  on one’s lifestyle. To avoid the harmful consequences of hearing disorder, take preventative action, use OWL devices and develop a healthy lifestyle!