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Welcome to MYOWL!

Medical-grade hearing devices
at affordable prices

MYOWL is proud to be a company that provide affordable, FDA-registered medical devices that are programmed to the highest standards by our in-house audiologist. The hearing amplifers are assembled and tested at our distribution center and then shipped out all over the U.S. From leadership to distribution to customer support, we’re passionate about helping people with hearing loss get affordable hearing amplifer solutions, and we’re dedicated to making your experience with us a good one.

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Welcome to MYOWL!


We've purposely designed this unit to be very simple and easy to use but also extremely effective in helping you hear what is most important.


This hearing device is unmatched in comfort and style. Our device is comfortable in the ear, and comes with three different sized domes to fit different sized ears.


Each battery is easy to change and will last at least 10 days. Our hearing amplifier is carefully designed with durability in mind.


We lost the left aid, so I ordered another. They worked for my husband or l wouldn't have reordered the same aid. Very pleased. He has been wearing these aids 4 or more years. You can't beat the price and they definitely worked!

Dolores J.

Have been wearing them all day since the 3rd day after receiving them . Pretty easy to get accustomed to, partly because I am accustomed to wearing ear plugs and electronic ear muffs. Bought a new pick up truck a year ago and didn't know that the turn signals emit a clicking sound. Thought they were silent for some reason. Conversations are much easier to hear, sometimes have to turn the volume down with loud voices.

James T.

Great hearing aids - comparable to ones I previously had that cost almost 5 times as much. I have worn hearing aids for over 15 years - different types but these aids are excellent.

Elaine F.

I have had a hearing problem since I was a child and had been told by 3 different professionals that a hearing aid would be ineffective. I finally tried the owl hearing aid and found I can hear sounds I never heard before. It works and is easy to use.

Arthur D.


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